Daily Mail: “The Men Did Get Amorous…”

Libbie Escolme-Schmidt

Libbie Escolme-Schmidt

One woman who knows what it was really like in the glamorous era of Sixties air travel is former air stewardess Libbie Escolme-Schmidt who flew the world with BOAC – the British Overseas Airways Corporation.

She says that the new drama captures the mood of the time almost perfectly – and adds that the life of modern-day air hostesses – as seen on recent fly-on-the-wall documentaries such as Airline – is completely unlike that enjoyed by the women who worked in the industry in its infancy.

‘The lifestyle is no way near as interesting as the times we enjoyed,’ said Libbie. ‘The Pan Am girls were gorgeous and they were all blonde.

‘But whenever we crossed paths in New York, I used to hold my head high and be proud of being part of BOAC. We were more glamorous.

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5 Responses to Daily Mail: “The Men Did Get Amorous…”

  1. Elizabeth Adey says:

    Dear Libbie,

    I have just watched a brilliant programme in which you appeared, ‘I Was a Jet Set Stewardess’. My lovely mum was a BOAC stewardess, in first class, long haul, from about 1962-1970 (approx). I just wondered if you might have known her – her name was Janet (Anne) Jamieson.

    Very sadly she died aged just 61 in 2003 and never met her grandchildren, but she was a wonderful mum. She told fantastic and hilarious stories about her flying days. The only specific name I can remember her mentioning with hilarity, was a steward called Terry Hanrahan, and something about a fire engine giving him a lift down the runway because he was late! She had a lovely story about Morecombe and Wise (with the plane going Boom when it should have been going ‘ra-ta-ta-ta’), and I also remember her affectionately calling BOAC ‘Better on a Camel’. She said she had a nickname ‘Janet the Gannet’, because she loved eating the food left over in the galley! I suppose it is highly unlikely you came across each other but I had to ask you.

    Do you also, by any chance, know where I might contact 1960s BOAC crew members to find people that may remember her?

    Kind regards,
    Elizabeth Adey

  2. Danny Gallacher says:

    Hello Elizabeth,
    I was a flight steward with BOAC from 1960-1965. I flew on Comet 4’s -Boeing 707 and VC 10’s.I was Second steward and worked only in first class just like your Mum. Unfortunately I did not know your mother ( RIP) but I’m sure she was a wonderful lady as was most of the BOAC stewardesses during that period in time. Not only did they look good but had great sense of humor.(a prerequisite for the job I think).
    Like you I am looking for a site or somewhere I can contact 1960’s BOAC crew members. I’ve tried many times but have not been successful. Would you mind passing on to me your findings if you have any better luck than I .
    I flew for just over 5 years and enjoyed every minute of it. I left BOAC to get married and settle down. I now live in Canada and have for 45 years (with children and grand children) very happily I might add but BOAC will always be special to me. Flying back then when jet aircraft were very new and exciting was considered glamorous and was a very sought after job by many young women and men.I considered myself fortunate it was a wonderful experience and I met so many terrific people.
    Great memories!
    Kind regards
    Danny Gallacher

  3. Murray Arnott says:

    Oh how me old heart sank with such wonderful memories .I was a BOAC Flight Steward–from Australia (New Zealand by birth) — who joined the CORPORATION in 1966 after serving a one year basing in London with QANTAS.
    Having flown for three years prior with QF where the in flight cabin crew consisted of five Stewards and one Hostess and to join BOAC where it was more like three and three, I considered myself a very privileleged young man to be flying with such beauty, and may I say more interesting routes ??? compared to the flying Kangaroo– and humour — there were so many UK accents and slang to decipher- — especially at crew parties.. Where have those days gone.? Good on ya. Libbie. -.Bonza.

  4. Murray Arnott says:

    Great to able to make comment on such a most wonderful and memorable time of my life. I am still in the travel industry having spent over 40 odd years in many aspects of travel —none more so satisfying than the last 25 years as a Tour Manager taking various groups on tours to many parts of this wonderful world. Now semi –retired, living in a most pleasant part of the state of Victoria–the Mornington Peninsular, south of Melbourne, close to Port Phillip Bay where the ability and joy of travel are never too far away.

  5. Ian Arnott says:

    Hello Elizabeth Just came across your post after speaking to libbie elscolm I remember Miss Janet Jamison I.e. The Gannet very well one of the most adorable ladies I ever flew with .althought the nickname stuck she really didn’t eat that much at all HaHa I was very sorry to hear of her passing but am positive that she is in the arms of our creator where she belongs. Best wishes to you With love. Ian

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