Review: This England, Autumn 2009

Glamour In the Skies

For many girls of a certian age one of their childhood ambitions was to become an air hostess.  Whether it was the stylish uniforms with the jaunty hats, the prospect of flying to exciting and exotic destinations, or the opportunity to mix with the international jet set, this was one job which seemed ot be perfect. But was it really as good as it appeared?

Compiling the reminiscences of fellow cabin crew from the 1940s to the 1980s, the author provides a fascinating, frank and sometimes funny portrait of life in the skies during the halcyon days of air travel.

Concentrating on British Airways and its predecessors, she also considers the development of the stewardesses’ role and commercial passenger flights; training; discrimination; in-flight emergencies; and flying supersonic on Concorde, which despite its elegant, sleek exterior had an unbelievably cramped cabin!

Filled with 90 colour and black-and-white photographs this will appeal not just to former cabin crew, but seasoned air passengers too. Fasten your seatbelts for a nostalgic and illuminating flight.

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