Watch Libbie in full flight


Libbie Escolme-Schmidt for the Museum of Flight from Libbie Escolme on Vimeo.

Watch Libbie on the National Museum of Flight’s video: “The Jet Set”!

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  2. I endorse all that was said, however the real Queen of the Skies in BOAC and BA was the VC10 and Super VC10. The B707 was a lead sledge at hot and high airfields. Also noisier on the inside than the VC10.

  3. Zagorfly says:

    Wonderful video . Exactly reflecting what experience is flying today!!

  4. Chris Pettit says:

    I did from ‘Hamster’ to Captain on the BOAC 707 fleet – this brought back many memories! Great rivalry with the VC10 of course, both icons in their own way. But the comment made by one of those crew interviewed was quite correct – it was the 707 that opened up the skies to mass air travel.

    Now back to my log book to stir some more memories from the past!

  5. Barbara Pidcock (Hayes) says:

    Really enjoyed the video, it brought back so many memories, although as a stewardess working on Comets, then VC10’s, (62-67) I can’t agree with the comment that 707’s were the ‘elite’ fleet. I remember a certain amount of friendly rivalry between the two flights when they occasionally crossed paths down the routes. It may have been a myth but we ‘eastern route’ crews felt we had a better time because our expenses were paid to us in rupees, egyptian pounds and the like so we went out and spent it, whereas the western routes were paid in dollars so they stayed in their rooms and saved it.

  6. admin says:

    Hello Libby
    So pleased you have finally done it. Must confess I had my doubts as it was a long time coming – but well worth the wait.
    Good on you!
    Thank you for my nice entry – was totally amazed.
    Be in touch when you come to the UK

  7. Malcolm Mogford says:

    How evocative of the day and weren’t we fortunate to have been part of the era of ‘real’ travel. Today, there are at least 2 generations of passengers who have never experienced the delight of getting onto an aeroplane in a civilised manner and travelling somewhere exciting. Look where are we today with Ryanair and similar carriers.
    The rivalry between VC10 and B707 was friendly and was ever thus, carried on well into the present time between B777 and B747-400. Fortunately – we had a lifestyle down route that can only be dreamt about today. Hamster to Captain on B707 (nav on VC10).

  8. Ian Arnott says:

    Mr Mogford How nice to hear that your still alive and kicking Best regards Ian Arnott

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