Daily Express: Golden Age of the Star Girls

Tuesday, June 9 2009

They were the world’s most desired women, sophisticated, intelligent and posh. A new book explores the glamorous heyday of air hostesses

Back in the Sixties, when Libbie Escolme-Schmidt dropped her profession into a conversation, she became instant hot property.

“If you mentioned you were an air hostess, men became suddenly interested in you,” laughs Libbie.  “The cachet was enormous.”

At the time, the air hostess – or so-called “Stargirl” – was the epitome of glamour.
She was beautiful, slender and single. Men fantasised about her, women wanted to be her and she enjoyed an exotic lifestyle, jet-setting between far-flung locations.

She was the goddess of the air, the supermodel of the sky and, dressed in the requisite elegant uniform – with forage cap, white gloves, immaculately set hair and Elizabeth Arden make-up – the aeroplane aisle was her catwalk.

“Back then flying was adventurous and exclusive,” says Libbie, the author of a new book, Glamour In The Skies.

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