Watch Libbie on the National Museum of Flight’s video: “The Jet Set”

Libbie has received a plethora of press for her book, with media throughout the UK jumping on the story.  Here is just a short list of radio, TV and press that have featured “Glamour In The Skies”!

BA High Life In-flight Radio – interview with Robert Elms – aired wordwide.

The Weekly News – – feature/interview due (Circulation: 60,455).

BBC Radio 4, Woman’s Hour – interview with Jane Garvey, aired at 10.15am 8th June.

Featured with pictures on Woman’s Hour website.

Daily Express (Circulation: 719,703 ) feature 9th June.

BBC Radio Scotland  – interview Janice Forsyth Show, live 2pm 8th June.

BBC Radio Wales – interview Roy Noble Show, live 3pm, 8th< June.

BBC World Service –interview on the Arab Section. Has been put on website with pictures of Libbie (Audience: 1,470,000).

Loose Women, ITV Chat Show – book was discussed on lunch-time programme with some of todays BA crew – aired 12.30-2.30pm, 9th June.

Newstalk 106-108 ‘Live’ interview: 2.35pm 10th June with Sean Moncrieff (Aired daily 2.00-4.30pm, all over Ireland).

Birmingham WM  – interview Joanne Malin Show, live 10.35am, 12th June.

BBC Radio London – interview Robert Elms Show, live 12.15, 15th June, 2009

BBC Radio London – interview Robert Elms Show, live 5th August, 2010

London’s Biggest Conversation – interview with Jeni Barnett, live 3:30pm, 28th August, 2010

BBC R4 Woman’s Hour:

The Daily Express:

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